Denominations & Missional Ministry

I’ve wondered about the connection between the missional Church and denominations quite a bit, so yesterday when I stumbled across this advice from Tim Keller on DJ Chuang’s blog I decided I needed to share it.  He doesn’t mention Methodism as one of the historic traditions, but I’d include it in there. What I love … Continue reading

Why Pray?

For the last two weeks, I have been teaching one of our young adult classes at Servant.  We worked on tough questions that they submitted by email prior to the class.  One of the questions I didn’t get to answer, I promised to answer here on the blog.  The question is this: How does someone … Continue reading

Methodist Discipleship

My friend Kevin Watson has a great series starting over at his blog, Deeply Committed.  He’s looking at one of the tools John Wesley used to spark revival and renewal in the Church, the Methodist Class Meeting. You won’t want to miss his insights, which he puts in accessible yet informative language – typical Watsonian … Continue reading

Persistence Personified: Hebrews 11

This post is from a sermon I preached back in 2007.  Over the last few days I’ve had tons of hits on a sermon I preached along with the lectionary for August 1st.  This inspired me to post one of my old sermons from the lectionary.  In this one, I try to introduce the congregations … Continue reading

In Defense of the Megachurch

Lately, I’ve heard and read several conversations wondering about the megachurch.  Some question its authenticity,  others question its methodology, while some just question whether big is good.   As these questions bounce around in my head, I’m serving on staff at the largest United Methodist congregation in Oklahoma City.  Needless to say, I’ve got a … Continue reading

Who is Your Tribe?

Michael Hyatt’s excellent blog has a guest post by Mary DeMuth that explores how she discovered her tribe (a la Seth Godin‘s, Tribes).  This post got me thinking about the ways we find our tribe.  How do we figure out the group where we have the most potential for impact and influence?  DeMuth has a … Continue reading

A Few Things

I’ve noticed several of our friends writing more personal blog posts, and man, I’ve really enjoyed reading that stuff.  This made something click in my mind. Hey, maybe some of you wouldn’t mind reading that kind of stuff from me.  So, I think I’m going to start write more than what I’ve stuck to for … Continue reading

Mainline or Methodist (Part 6)

Today we reach the final chapter in Dr. Scott Kisker’s book, Mainline or Methodist.  Thank you to everyone who has been reading along with this series.  In the final chapter, Kisker admits that he is a historian and not someone who easily makes suggestions about directions to take in the future.  However, as a committed … Continue reading

Mainline or Methodist (Part 5)

In chapter 5, Kisker turns his attention to conferencing in the Methodist tradition.  His description of the way annual and general conferences function is not much different than my experience with them over the past five years.  We meet as an Annual Conference every year.  We ordain a new group of Deacons and Elders, we … Continue reading

Kevin Watson on Social Holiness

Kevin Watson is a personal friend and colleague currently working on his PhD at SMU.  We met each other when we were roommates getting our pastoral licenses at OCU, and this has ended up been a true blessing in my life.  If you are a United Methodist (or just curious), please, please, please go read … Continue reading