Mainline or Methodist (Part 4)

In Chapter 4 of Dr. Scott Kisker’s work, Mainline or Methodist? Recovering our Evangelistic Mission, Kisker begins to discuss the “method” behind Methodism.  This chapter opens with a critique of what passes for evangelism and discipleship within the UMC today.  Kisker doesn’t hold back when he says most of what passes for evangelism in our … Continue reading

Mainline or Methodist (Part 3)

More and more, I hear from young doctrine hungry Christians who turn to the young Reformed pastors in order to understand doctrine and theology. Unfortunately, many United Methodists seem to have abandoned the practice of teaching and preaching theology in compelling ways.  Scott Kisker gives people from a Wesleyan background a strong place to begin … Continue reading

Amazing Rescue in Haiti

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch the young boy’s response at the first of the video. The rest of the video shows the ongoing need.  If you’d like to make a donation that will send 100% of your donation to relief, please click here. UMCOR’s administrative costs are covered outside of your donations, so … Continue reading

Mainline or Methodist (Part 2)

In chapter 2, Dr. Scott Kisker describes the vision to which John Wesley and early Methodists committed their lives.  He suggests that Wesley and Methodism’s theology and methodology only make sense in light of this larger vision.  Kisker describes that vision as follows, This vision is the possibility of present salvation from the tyranny of … Continue reading

Mainline or Methodist (Part 1)

For Christmas I received a copy of Dr. Scott Kisker’s book, Mainline or Methodist: Recovering our Evangelistic Mission.  After a quick read through, I saw that it was worth a second, more thorough read.  I also decided it would be a worthwhile way to start the new year here on the blog. Rather than giving … Continue reading

Gen-X Rising on Mark Driscoll

Read this article on Mark Driscoll by Andrew Thompson over at Gen-X Rising.  I agree with Andrew’s assessment of the implications of Mark Driscoll (and other young Calvinist preachers like Matt Chandler) for those of us who are Methodists. If you are a Methodist, all this has some implications. First, stop worrying about the mind … Continue reading

Open Call for God-Called Preachers

My two oldest kids stayed overnight with my mother back in southeastern Oklahoma, so I drove down and picked them up in Henryetta today.  On the way back to Oklahoma City, I decided to take a different route.  We ventured through downtown and made a stop by an older United Methodist Church off the beaten … Continue reading

Mission Trumps Tradition

In case you don’t  know, I really like Dan Kimball.  Why?  Because I think he does his very best to connect with the people in his community who don’t know Jesus Christ.  I think he carries a sense of urgency about sharing the gospel that we need to reclaim across the Church.  I also think he … Continue reading

The Simple Life

I just finished reading, The Simple Life: Time, Relationships, Money, God by Thom S. and Art Rainer.  You may know Thom from books like Simple Church: Returning to God’s Process for Making Disciples and Essential Church?: Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts. Based on a survey of 1,077 individuals, Thom and Art saw that an overwhelming … Continue reading