Driving as a Spiritual Discipline

For various reasons, I am now driving a 1991 Ford 4X4. But, before you criticize my total lack of ecological awareness, hear me out. Driving this 15 year old pickup has become a spiritual discipline. The windows do not work without extreme manual effort. Yes, they are electric, but the motors are so worn out I have to press up on the window with one hand while pushing the up button with the other. This vehicle is also a standard. For those of you who don’t know, that means I have to actually shift the vehicle. Because of the four wheel drive and other reasons, this truck does not drive very good at speeds over 55 mph. Therefore, I have been taking life much more slowly as of late. The air conditioner doesn’t work, the heater is oppresively hot, and it the truck smells of mildew because of a rainstorm after one of the broken windows was left cracked over night. Yes, this is an awesome vehicle.

However, I have been developing spiritually even as I drive. For the most part, I am learning the practice of patience. This truck is a little like the church. It’s not a new model, it requires hands-on attention, it isn’t always comfortable, and it is very slow. Yet, driving this finely tuned machine – the truck not the church – has allowed me to develop a slower pace of life, if only between stops on the two-point charge wonder-tour.

Who knows, God might even teach me true patience with enough time behind the wheel. Now, I’m not quite sure if I’m talking about the truck or the church…

2 thoughts on “Driving as a Spiritual Discipline

  1. you make me miss my ’74 station waggon that wouldn’t start in the rain, making any stay longer than expected, it would transport all your friends and children. most recently ’88 bmw that only the sun roof rolled back/down properly, no ac or heat (tough with a tn summer), and it only would go around 65 mph before it started shaking. it was a stick too.

    now a bit newer car, still drive stick, manual windows, but it does drive smoother and the ac/heat works, thank God!

  2. Thanks for reading Gavin. There’s nothing quite like driving a stick. I appreciate your comments through the MethoBlog portal as well on my blog. God bless.

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