Sex, Drugs, and Evangelicals

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve seen the scandal involving Ted Haggard the now former head of the National Association of Evangelicals. The article I’ve linked to has the following quote from Rev. Ross Parsley, “It is important for you to know that he confessed to the overseers that some of the accusations against him are true.” We don’t know what he has confessed to, and it likely doesn’t matter. Either way, there will be a huge fall-out over this.

<!––>One of the things I continue to notice is the media continues to speak of evangelicals as if they are a monolithic group. Of course, some who are more conversant with the movement will understand that evangelicals are as diverse as any group. There are fufundamentalist evangelicals and more liberal evangelicals.

Of course, none of us are exempt from falling. Let’s keep pastors in our prayers, and say a prayer for Haggard’s wife and five children. This has to be devestating.

<!––>On another note, Ben Witherington has an interesting post on the struggles of men in high profile independent evangelical churches and male menopause’s (that’s right – male menopause) possible connection to this story.

Update: It seems the word coming out now from the Haggard camp is that he bought meth, never used it, and got a massage from this guy. Here’s the latest story. This is the last time I’ll mention this whole ordeal; I’m sure it’ll get messier and stranger before it’s over.

2 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs, and Evangelicals

  1. As a Merle aficionado, I say no. Even if he is, he is now disqualified from being related to “the Hag.”

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