Conference Expectations & Statistics

I’m finishing up my year end reports for the conference. Each year we enter our statistics online, which is great. However, there is one aspect of this that I do not like. If your church shows a 25% or greater increase in any category you have to offer a written explanation for that increase. Don’t you think that says a lot about our conference expectations? Shouldn’t we have to provide an explanation if we show another year of no changes? Maybe I’m just being picky. Anyway, it’s great to have this paperwork done for another year!

3 thoughts on “Conference Expectations & Statistics

  1. Let me clarify a little bit. We have to explain if there is a 25% variation either way. So, it seems there is a reward, albeit a small one, for living on a plateau. I’m not sure who even looks at these explanations. It’s probably much less sinister and is a mechanism to make sure we don’t make typing errors! But hey, what fun is that!

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