Tony Campolo Interview

I’ve never posted a youtube clip before, and frankly I think they’re a little ugly.  But, I still wanted to post this interview of Tony Campolo who’s promoting his book, Letters to a Young Evangelical.

It’s interesting to watch the way this interviewer responds when faced with Campolo’s presentation of the gospel. My read is that he hasn’t heard the gospel put this way, it’s making a claim on him unlike presentations he’s encountered before, and he seems to try to deflect that quite a bit through the interview. I’d love to know what he’s really thinking!

3 thoughts on “Tony Campolo Interview

  1. he does seem unable to continue the conversation the way it was going in regards to the gospel being a message of how to treat the poor. you pick that up with the bad transition in questioning to clinton.. which, seemed odd at best to talk about clinton.

    he should have been prepared for the gospel message tony had. it’s the same message he has preached for years. i think i’ve heard it four or five times myself.

  2. You’d have thought that, wouldn’t you?

    Thinking about Tony Campolo and his exposition of the gospel, I recently read in Christian Century where a man named Jerald Walz was quoted saying, “”The NAE is at a crossroad—whether to follow the gospel of Jesus or a political gospel,” when talking about National Association of Evangelical’s Richard Cizik.

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