Complaint Department Closed

Complaint Free WorldI’m sure you’ve heard of the church in Kansas City that is striving for a complaint free world.  It’s been featured in People Magazine, on Oprah, and just about everywhere.  Anyway, my congregation thinks this is a great idea, so I’ve ordered a few bracelets to give out to those who’d like them.  They’re free, but they’re accepting donations to help with the costs.  I’m not really sure what I think about this theologically, but don’t we all have a few people (perhaps including ourselves) that we’d like to subtly hand these out to?

2 thoughts on “Complaint Department Closed

  1. Matt – I think you’re right. It is a compelling idea. Complaining without offering a solution or to be a part of the solution is most often not helpful. However, theologically, I think that silencing complaints is a problem. This would silence a strong theme of lament in many of the psalms and other places in the scriptures. Just a thought…

  2. That’s it Andrew…I hadn’t quite put my finger on it, but you’ve hit it. There is a time when complaints can be cathartic or even prophetic. Scripture witnesses powerfully to this. Thanks.

    Perhaps this little initiative can help folks discern when Godly complaints are called for.

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