Vacation Reading & Immigration

I didn’t get around to ordering any new books for my vacation, so I’ve been reading a lot of articles online. Here are a few I found interesting from the New York Times. Turns out dieting is really hard, you are not the next Emeril, and there are a few people who still care about the sojourner.

On the last article, I saw an angry white man on TV this morning from the angry patriot league (or something like that) who was red-faced and shouting about people coming into this country. I didn’t notice, but I sure hope he wasn’t Irish. Shouting about the immigration problem just might be hypocritical for a people group who came into the country and took low paying jobs away from “Americans” in order to escape the poverty of their own nation. Wait, was that the Irish?

Yep! There were newspaper ads that would say, “No Irish need apply.” They were thought of as lazy, unintelligent, and dirty. Sometimes the Irish were roundly criticized for taking low-wage jobs away from hard-working “Americans,” and they were thought to be responsible for causing lower wages. But look at us now. We march up and down our streets celebrating Saint Patrick’s day.

So, to you Mr. Red-faced Patriotic Shouter…the next time you wear green on Saint Patty’s, remember that no good Irishman took away your great-great grandfather’s job…unless he was your great-great grandfather. That’d be a different story altogether, now wouldn’t it.

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