Forget the Alamo

AlamoWell, this is my first ever “vacation post.” We’re in San Antonio, TX after a long, long trip down with our four year old daughter and one year old son. The day started off crazy as our little girl threw up before we left the house and once more before we were thirty minutes away from home. I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so hard in my life as I did for the next hour. I prayed for her from the molecules on up! I suppose I’m one of those folks who believes God really hears and responds to our prayers (although this is definitely a great mystery) because she hasn’t thrown up since yesterday morning about 8:15!

This may not be a big deal on the grand scheme of things, but it darn sure is a big deal to our family on the one big vacation we have planned for this year. The funny thing is that before we started on the trip, we all made a commitment not to gripe or complain about anything! As a result, we’ve really been in a great mood the entire time…even as we were wiping up puke out of the car on the side of the road!

Now, we have to check out the car because the tire pressure light is on and the AWD has switched off for no good reason. No worries!

We’re skipping the Alamo because my wife and I have been there before. Sea World is our only agenda for today. So, Shamu, I hope you’re ready!

One thought on “Forget the Alamo

  1. brutal! I will be praying for you guys as well. I am glad to hear that she has been doing better. I am also very impressed that you guys have kept your commitment.

    Hope you had fun at Sea World, and here’s to a fabulous vacation that will be incident free from here on out.

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